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F style OptiGrip is the original design and is suited for most industrial applications. It can be ordered from stock in 10 foot sections or can made-to-order in custom lengths. See below for a "features" photo and an engineering drawing.





Style Holes Wide Width Length Part Number Stock Number
F 1 2.34" 120" F-1-120-E1 17983
F 3 4.71" 120" F-3-120-E1 17984
F 5 7.08" 120" F-5-120-E1 17985
F 7 9.46" 120" F-7-120-E1 17986
F 9 11.83" 120" F-9-120-E1 4044




The drawing below can be viewed and printed using the free PDF viewer from Adobe.  Click on the drawing
below to load it into the viewer in a new window.  OptiGrip F Style PDF Drawing


OptiGrip F Style Drawing


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